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Reflections on Recent Tragedies

Dear friend, We all were surprised recently when two celebrities took their lives within a few days of each other: Kate Spade, one of the world’s best-dressed women, and Anthony Bourdain, who ate delicious food for a living. How do we make sense of such tragedies? Generally speaking, one way to imagine self-harming tendencies is […]

What Are Boundaries for Your Soul?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your emotions? If so, you’re not alone. Let me tell you about my client, Megan*, who settled into a lovely retreat center with an ocean view. The peaceful backdrop was everything she hoped it would be. She soon discovered, though, that sitting quietly only made her more . . […]

Why I Wrote Boundaries for Your Soul

I wrote this book (and recorded a companion audiobook!) because I wanted to share a way of handling emotions that I’ve found useful, both for myself and in my counseling work with others. Most people I know are well-intended, but sometimes their emotions can get the best of them. I know it can be true […]

Help! It Seems Like We’re Speaking Different Languages!

Dear Kim, How do we both get what we want out of our marriage when key terms such as love, care, support, and communication are defined very differently between spouses? It often seems like we’re exchanging with different currencies with differing rates. Many thanks, Speaking Different Languages   Dear Languages, Communication is, at its essence, […]

Forlorn Over Facebook

Dear Kim, As a dating couple, Facebook has become an issue because my boyfriend doesn’t want anything about us on his page. Is this ok? Sign me, Forlorn Over Facebook Dear Forlorn Over Facebook, It makes sense that you’re curious, maybe even a little sad and angry, about why your boyfriend doesn’t want anything about […]